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Story Sundays: Stephen King’s “Herman Wouk is Still Alive”

Story Sundays is a weekly feature at Fat Books & Thin Women. Always short stories, always ones available online for free.

I have the flu so a review of a story isn’t coming today. Deciding what John Hughes movie to watch next is about the most I can manage. Instead, a few links – to Stephen King’s new short story “Herman Wouk is Still Alive”, from the May 2011 issue of The Atlantic, and an interview on the creative process King did for the same magazine. I often find King’s thoughts on writing as interesting as his writing itself, and this is no exception.

If you’re looking for more from King, check out this piece on what’s wrong with short fiction today. I wouldn’t call “Herman Wouk is Still Alive” one of the best short stories out there, but it does read like a story that was written for the reader – and too many stories are written solely for other writers, something King writes about in this essay.

Read “Herman Wouk is Still Alive”

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I have this magazine in the house and will check it out! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Comment by curlygeek04

Long time since I read King…. will enjoy checking out those links. Thanks.

Comment by Monica

I agree, “Herman Wouk Is Still Alive,” is not one of the best short stories, but King manages to pull off a great ending, even though we know what’s going to happen. You can read more here: http://timlepczyk.com/2011/05/11/herman-wouk-is-still-alive-stephen-king.html.

Comment by Tim

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