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Mini-Break? Mini-Break!
April 29, 2011, 3:53 pm
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Things have been, uh, a little quiet around here, and not to give anything away but certain reader favorites (ha, ha) such as Story Sundays won’t be up this week. I’ll probably get some posts up in a week or so but for now I’ve got allergies and can barely lift my head off my pillow long enough to blow my nose, and have some Important Decisions to make about what I’m doing after Peace Corps – so, you know, I will be not posting here for a bit. See you all soon!

(I wish that I was writing this because I was off on some awesome vacation or something – but no, I’ll just be laying on my sofa, skyping my parents and trying to talk them into telling me what I should do with myself come October 2011.)

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Good luck and feel better, Ellen.

Comment by Brenna

The sofa is the better place to stay to have a rest. Enjoy it!

Comment by Elena

A mini-break sounds so good right about now.

Good luck with your decision-making!

Comment by ohemgillie

Have a great break!

Comment by She

OH that’s totally understandable – good luck with the decision, I know it’s a big one!

Comment by zeteticat

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