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30 Day Book Meme, Day 4

Favorite book of your favorite series:

This one is a little harder. There are two Harry Potter books that I have never been in love with: the first, which I’ve read countless times but never liked all that much, and the seventh, which I’ve read just one time. Since I don’t have a decent reason for not rereading the seventh book, I can’t help wondering if my aversion to doing so is partly because it’s the end of the everything; I seem drawn to the middle of the series precisely because there’s no suggestion, in those books, that the world of Hogwarts is about to close for me.

My favorite out of the series, then? The third, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. There are innumerable reasons to love this book, but the biggies for me are: Hogwarts students turning into animals, the Marauder’s Map, discovering the secret passages in and out of the school, meeting Sirius and for the first time seeing Harry contemplate the possibility of having a real family, hippogriffs, Professor Lupin, Hermione’s Time-Turner and the whole idea of learning to think of time as travelable space in order to study more.

What is really is, though, is that this is the last book things aren’t real dark in. Harry doesn’t even fight Voldemort at the end of the novel, as he had in the previous two, and the reader is allowed to hope – so briefly – that by saving Sirius Harry is forming some new family for himself, away from the Dursleys. (Though it’s worth asking if the books would be quite what they are if Harry didn’t have to spend all his summer vacations so miserable, under the protection of Vernon and Petunia.) The feel of this book is one of Kids on an Awesome Adventure, not Kids Trying to Save the World, and it gives readers a chance to revel in Hogwarts – the classes, its long history and secrets – without worrying too much that Voldemort is going to come along to shut it all down.

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So interesting to read that the reason you enjoyed this book is because it comes right before things get dark. The reason Book 4 is my favorite in the Harry Potter series is because to me it’s the turning point in the series where things get irrevocably dark. What does that say about me, I wonder… ;)

Comment by Steph

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This was one of my favorites too, although I find it hard to single out any one book in the series, they all build the story so well. I would say this was my favorite until I read Book Five. I remember reading this and finding Sirius (before you know who he is) truly terrifying. Lupin is also one of my favorite characters in the series.

I think of Book Four as the “before truly dark” book because it’s all about the games. Yes it gets dark at the end – very dark — but most of the book is about the students being students. Four may be my least favorite, after One.

Comment by curlygeek04

This is my favorite, too- probably because I love Sirius so much!

Comment by Hannah

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