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30 Day Book Meme, Day 6
August 6, 2011, 1:29 pm
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A book that makes you sad:

This one is easier! I want to be an ass and say Twilight – if there’s a book worth getting worked up and teary over it’s this one, with Bella trailing her abusive, glittery vampire all over until she wins out and her vampire fetus eats its way out of her belly. But don’t you all already know that the very idea of Twilight makes me sad? (And that I haven’t read the whole series?)

So today, I’ll move away from my pattern of writing about young adult books, from fiction entirely. The saddest book I’ve read in recent memory is Timothy Egan’s The Worst Hard Time, a history of the Dust Bowl. Egan’s history focuses on an environmental change that tends not to get much attention in comparison to the period of the Great Depression, which intersected with and worsened the effects of the Dust Bowl. “The Dust Bowl” is probably a familiar term to anyone who’s grown up with stories of the Depression, but it isn’t something we learn much about; the Dust Bowl is treated as one of many minor stories of the Depression, not as a phenomenon that would prove to have effects as lasting as those of the Depression.

What is so heartbreaking about Egan’s book isn’t the story of the Dust Bowl and those who chose to stay on their land and attempt to farm it through the worst years of the Depression. (Worth remembering is that Steinbeck’s classic, The Grapes of Wrath, is about a family that left their home in the region. Though we often think of the novel and the Dust Bowl together, they are different stories.) It’s the story of what came before storms began to lift sheets of dirt from the ground, making the land all but unfarmable and leading to a host of medical ailments for those who remained on the land. The dust storms that came to and destroyed much of the region and those living in it were more the product of men than of nature, the result of years of farming land that wasn’t meant to be farmed, with environmentally unsound practices. Dust Bowl farmers, urged on by government programs, took a grassland perfectly suited for buffalo and attempted to turn it to farmland. In doing so they destroyed the root system that was keeping the rich soil in place.

Egan doesn’t strain to make connections with contemporary environmental issues, but it’s hard not to connect the Dust Bowl to other environmental issues, and to the persistent human desire to “better” the environment. What Egan shows, often painfully, is that it is often difficult to predict the impact human development will have on land, and that what appear to the average eye to be minor or positive changes may be the very things to crush an ecosystem. It’s a chilling story, one needs to be read, and one that – judging by high school history classes – we’ve largely forgotten.

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Thanks God, there is someone out there who sees Twilight with the same critical eye I do! Seriously, if that is the love story teenage girls want to have, I can easily understand today’s levels of domestic violence. I think it’s sad and worth analyzing in a feminist/academic way so we can spread the idea.

Plus, relating it to Wuthering Heights is an insult.

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