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30 Day Book Meme, Day 20

Favorite romance book:

I don’t consider myself a real “girly” reader, so when I saw today’s prompt I worried I wouldn’t come up with anything. I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel that would be shelved in the romance aisle, and however open I may be to reading other genres (thriller: awesome! sci-fi: awesome! fantasy: awesome! mysteries: awesome!)…I am not real interested in reading the guidance counselor’s novel from Ten Things I Hate About You.

Close-minded? Sure. I will totally fess up to that. But I guess “romance” isn’t limited to books that will be shelved under “romance” in the local library. E.M. Forster’s A Room with a View is a romantic story on top of a penetrating look at Edwardian society and the changes that were occurring in ways of thinking, particularly in how women (Lucy) viewed their lives. But I wrote about this novel earlier, and it’s time I push myself to not answer every question by talking about Harry Potter or Nabokov or Forster.

My favorite romance, other than A Room with a View? The Time Traveler’s Wife. Though Niffenegger’s book is part of the unfortunate “The [Male Character]’s [Something]” titling trend, and the movie was mediocre, the book is gorgeous for infusing a classic love story with elements of science fiction. It’s heart-rending to watch Clare and Henry repeatedly pulled apart by time and to know that Henry’s death may come at a time Clare can’t even be part of; but Niffenegger realizes that the best love stories are the ones that don’t quite end happily, but in which there is still some hope. Even after Henry dies we know that his younger self remains somewhere in the aging Clare’s future, if only briefly.

30 Day Book Meme:
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I agree with everything above. LOVE this book. :-)

(I’m becoming curious about A Room With a View.)

Comment by Jillian ♣

Oww I loved the book. However, I should re-read it: I was in the middle of it when my grandma died and it took me a week to come back to reading. But, apart from the horrible personal circumstances, I did adore the love story here… and I wanted to give Claire a hug! That said, she is also one of the most adorable characters I’ve encountered.

Comment by Elena

Pretty sure this is the one “romance” novel that even dudes can enjoy – Henry’s one of my all-time favorite characters. And the Chicago scenes are a huge bonus!

Now, if we could just forget that terrible movie version ever happened! ;)

Comment by Greg Zimmerman

I don’t know what this says about me, but I usually won’t read a romance(ish) book unless I know a lot of guys read it. That’s how I came to Water for Elephants and Time Traveler…the result of some natural aversion I have to being a girl-girl?

Comment by Ellen Rhudy

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