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30 Day Book Meme, Day 24

A book that you wish more people have read:

When the Coen brothers’ True Grit adaptation came out late last year, Charles Portis’s novel jumped to the top of bestseller lists. It got a special movie tie-in cover. I saw a few reviews of it on blogs not written by me. Awesome!

I just wish everyone who took the time to read True Grit would look into Portis’s other works. The man is a god as far as I’m concerned; funny without ever cracking a joke, writing characters who are absurd and sympathetic at the same time, revealing the whole of a personality in one or two lines of dialogue.

I’ve done a poor job this month of limiting myself to the one book title most of the prompts ask for (even if I do choose just one, I can’t stop myself from detailing the runners up), and don’t expect me to change now. If I could force just one book on someone…well, it would be something by Charles Portis, either Gringos or The Dog of the South or Norwood or True Grit. Portis is, I am convinced, one of the best writers America’s produced, and while The Believer or The New York Times will occasionally honor him with an article, I rarely find someone who has heard of him, let alone read him. Let me beg you all, as I have a few times before: read Charles Portis! read True Grit if you want, but then read one of his other novels! you will not regret it! (I promise.)

30 Day Book Meme:
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Sounds like I really need to pick up some Charles Portis. Thanks for bringing him to my attention, Ellen.

Comment by Brenna

Judging by the past year of this blog, I think it’s safe to say I’ll continue bringing him to your attention about once every six months. I don’t know if that’s sad or not – should I try thinking of another author I can try selling on here?

Comment by Ellen Rhudy

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