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Story Sunday: Chelsea Laine Wells’s “Fire”
September 18, 2011, 8:15 am
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Story Sundays is a weekly feature at Fat Books & Thin Women. Always short stories, always ones available online for free.

Chelsea Laine Wells describes her characters so gorgeously, and sharply, in “Fire.” An image of the boy Jake as a teenager made of all angles and anger, from the way his eyes are described as cutting and raking across his world, to “his lean mouth like a slash of scar tissue” to “his pickax jaw.”

“Fire” is less than a thousand words long, but in that space Wells manages to capture the feel of being a teenager, of wanting someone, of facing all the tragedies that are a part of our family lives and a part of others’. Of Jake, the narrator – and Wells does the second person just as it should be done – writes:

He has something you want to possess or want to be. He throbs with heat and you think the sun lives in the surface of his skin like gold blood.

This is such a short story that I don’t want to ruin it for you by overquoting. But go, read it. After you do, visit Wigleaf’s main page to read some of the other stories they’re featuring.

Read “Fire” online

This week Shivanee at Novel Niche is starting to run the Story Sundays feature as well. Be sure to read her post this week, about Jason McIntyre’s “The Night Walk Men.

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[…] Ellen Rhudy, of the marvellous book blog, Fat Books and Thin Women, runs a weekly feature dedicated to the enjoyment and analysis of one short story at a time. Its tagline is ‘Always short stories, always ones available online for free’, and I’ve admired the accessibility of this for quite some time. I’m pleased to announce that, with Ellen’s blessing, I’ll be participating in the Story Sundays feature, every week at Novel Niche, adding to the enthusiasm reserved especially for coffee, cigarette or evening-length reads. Ellen’s story this Sunday is ‘Fire’ by Chelsea Laine Wells. […]

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