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Story Sunday: Murray Dunlap’s “White Boy”

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In many ways Murray Dunlap’s “White Boy” is a spare story, one that leaves to the reader many of the details of the 15-year-old narrator’s life. He’s his school’s best runner in the four-forty, a race he classifies by describing all the races it is not:

The four-forty is excruciating.  I’m not trying to sound melodramatic; the race is hard.  With sprints, you never run out of air.  With distance, you work yourself into a rhythm and look for the fastest pace your heart can sustain.  The four-forty is different.  It’s everything you’ve got for a quarter mile.  One lap around the track.  Your muscles run out of oxygen at the final turn and it’s a mental battle from then on.  You can see the finish line. You know it’s almost over.  But the knives start in on your quads, the pins drive into your knees.  Fires burn under your feet.  The last stretch hurts worse than a fist fight.  You have to believe you can’t feel a thing.

With little more than an awkward phone call and wait for his father to pick him up, Dunlap conveys the strained nature of Ben’s relationship with his father. The relationship with the track coach, too, is perfectly drawn, with just a conversation about times and missing the last meet before the State Championships.

What I like best about this story, though, is the description of the running and of the desire to win. I can’t think of a single better description of running than of those Murray offers, and in the final race of the story the tension practically bristles off the page. (Well, screen.) Murray’s narrator, who recognizes himself as the best from his school but nowhere near the best from a wider sampling, who seems at times to want to win his father’s respect and others disgusted by the man and their limited time together, seems to own his world for the paragraphs of his championship race, however unstable the surface he runs on.

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