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30 Day Book Meme, Day 29
August 30, 2011, 5:17 pm
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A book everyone hated but you liked:

Special note: today is Bajram, my favorite day of the year in Macedonia. Really, one of my two favorite days of the year here, since there are two Bajrams – this is Ramadan Bajram, the next one is Kurban Bajram. Yesterday was the last day of Ramazan (known elsewhere as Ramadan), and today my family and I woke up early to eat ruchek, lunch, a little past seven. This is the fourth and last time I am celebrating Bajram with them, and it’s sad to think that I’ll never again be pulled out of my house by my six-year-old host sister to eat baklava right after the sun is up.

This has nothing to do with the book I’m writing about today, but I wanted to set the baklava scene simply because there are not many opportunities when a grown woman has the chance to eat baklava for breakfast.

Signs that Tom Wolfe’s I am Charlotte Simmons is widely despised by reader and critic alike: I bought my copy off the remainder table. It won an award for “bad sex in fiction.” Even most Tom Wolfe fans refuse to acknowledge this book.

But me? I loved it. Sure, Charlotte Simmons can be frustratingly naïve and Wolfe sometimes strives too hard to take in the whole of a college campus (it is hard not to think, “This man read some articles about campus hook-up culture while he was writing”), but there’s something joyful to this novel’s taking in of every college experience it can. Wolfe’s characters and situations verge on caricature, but this is the pleasure in the book: Charlotte’s year at college is recognizable, but exaggerated enough that you want to read this novel in great gulps to find out just what the hell is going to happen to her and Wolfe’s cast next. I am Charlotte Simmons is the literary equivalent of a soap opera, and if you are like me you won’t have a hard time ignoring Wolfe’s underlying message about the perverted view of education many college students have in favor of this novel’s voyeuristic pleasures.

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